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silentversities             silently witness silentversities             fail to condemn silentversities              soulless and witless silentversities              solo and in tandem silentversities              hostile to Israel silentversities              seek compromise    silentversities              toxic with vitriol silentversities             

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Campus Confrontation

“What are you doing still awake?”She answered him:“I love.”from the Russian of Leonid Martynov “Are you a Zionist?” they asked,their faces covered in keffiyehs.On their chessboard hate was masked.She stood alone. She had no fear.“No Zionist

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Writing from work
Avrum Rosensweig

Yom HaZikaron 2024

Photo of Nir Maman I live in Canada, many miles away from Israel and Gaza. I am a committed Jew however, ensconced in thought everyday about my fellow Jews fighting a war for our people. I’m

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Writing from work in Ashdod, Israel I worked night shift last night. Usually my shift starts at 23:00. But we are on a war schedule so now it starts at 19:00. Dinner time. I have to

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