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Writing from home
Caroline Goldberg Igra

The Weight of Words

Letters. Black on white. They usually adhere to their two-dimensional habitat. Sedate, well-behaved. But what happens when they leap off the surface and issue blood-curdling screams? That is the case this grey morning. My head reflexively

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Writing from work
Avrum Rosensweig

Yom HaZikaron 2024

Photo of Nir Maman I live in Canada, many miles away from Israel and Gaza. I am a committed Jew however, ensconced in thought everyday about my fellow Jews fighting a war for our people. I’m

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Writing from home
Gayle Danis Rinot

Cleared for Publication

Today is May 13, 2024. Memorial Day in Israel. It’s not a shopping and vacation holiday like in the U.S. Rather it is a day of somber reflection and sadness when we mourn our war dead

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Photo cred: Menachem Pritzker
Writing from abroad
Ash Glenville

Eternal Light – Ner Tamid 

I see faces I do not knowAnd my heart is breakingI see names I do not knowAnd my soul aches BraveSelflessPatriots Each one held closely in the hearts of their loved onesEach one with a story

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Photo by Hila
Writing from home
Rachel Secunda

Day 12

It has been nearly two weeks.Somehow time has managed to crawl by and speed past.We have been living in a weird alternate reality.There isn’t any routine. School is still not functional.Rockets are still falling. My kids

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Writing on volunteering
Julie Zuckerman

Seeing Green in Southern Israel

On the drive down to Kibbutz Sa’ad, I alternate between gazing out the window and trying to get the Homefront Command app to work on my phone. It’s November 5, the first time in a month

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Writing from home
Daphna Horowitz

War Diaries: Day 45

22 November, 2023 Day 45: Sparks of Light in the Darkness – Hope, Heartbreak, and Unexpected Advocacy The last time I wrote an entry for my war diaries was day 32. I just haven’t been able

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Writing from home
Miriam Roskind

Broken Thoughts

A morning with 2 pairs of namesWhich ones will set the toneThe lives of two so tragically lostOr the other two, finally home 2 angels departed2 more just returned The rays of sunlightFight battles with the

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My Experience

Writing from Yanuh-Jut, Druze village in Israel We always say Israel is a small country and you can usually make a connection between people…someone who knows someone, but Druze and Jew? Last week there was a

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