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Campus Confrontation

“What are you doing still awake?”She answered him:“I love.”from the Russian of Leonid Martynov “Are you a Zionist?” they asked,their faces covered in keffiyehs.On their chessboard hate was masked.She stood alone. She had no fear.“No Zionist

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Reflections on My Inner Strength

25 October, 2023 The war in Israel – Day 18 The first few days there was shock in the air. We might have to go in the mamad 1 at any time. I didn’t want to

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I Have a Moaka

These days I’m walking around with a constant mo-a-ka. My Hebrew-speaking friends know that a moaka is “a feeling of heavy burden, emotional stress or a physical sensation of stress and discomfort.” I want it to

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The Jewish Experience

As a student in Montreal: Dear Reader,             The progression of emotions since October 7th, as a Jewish woman, has included that of defeat and fear to pride and empowerment, and a whole lot intertwined in

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Writing from home
Daphna Horowitz

War Diaries: Days 12 and 17

By Daphna HorowitzRaanana, Israel24 October, 2023 Day 12 – Holding joy and pain at the same timeEvery morning I wake up and for a split second, before I’m completely awake, while my mind is still a

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