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silentversities             silently witness silentversities             fail to condemn silentversities              soulless and witless silentversities              solo and in tandem silentversities              hostile to Israel silentversities              seek compromise    silentversities              toxic with vitriol silentversities             

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Campus Confrontation

“What are you doing still awake?”She answered him:“I love.”from the Russian of Leonid Martynov “Are you a Zionist?” they asked,their faces covered in keffiyehs.On their chessboard hate was masked.She stood alone. She had no fear.“No Zionist

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The Jewish Experience

As a student in Montreal: Dear Reader,             The progression of emotions since October 7th, as a Jewish woman, has included that of defeat and fear to pride and empowerment, and a whole lot intertwined in

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My Heart’s Reflection

I have been brought to my knees since October 7, 2023. Each moment a new wave of emotion – overcome with grief, anger, confusion, sadness, and despair at every image, story, phone call, text and even,

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too much

Our hearts are being asked to hold an enormity of pain that is both too vast and too jagged to touch  it is too much  Our minds are being stretched beyond their borders to hold a

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